Reassigning Sales Territories: A Change Will Do Your Sales Force Good

19 May 2016


Many sales forces grew large and successful with a hands-off approach -- one that might have included hiring good salespeople, putting them on commission plans, handing them a phone book and turning them loose. If they were good, they made lots of money. If not, they starved themselves out of the organization.

These companies soon reach a point where growth comes less easily, a point at which management asks: Are our senior salespeople too comfortable? Have we maxed out our market share? Are some customer segments less profitable than others? Are we bad at hiring millennials or are we just putting them in weak territories?

For many of these companies, re-evaluating territories with a more hands-on and analytical approach is the secret to sparking new organic revenue growth in a stale organization. In this session we identify root causes of territory misalignment and explore analytical approaches to optimizing territory assignments.

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