Developing a Change-Ready Sales Culture

24 October 2012


Sales organizations are change-intensive environments. Continually challenged to be more productive, sales forces must also adapt to quick-moving customer, competitor, and market changes. Many sales leaders attempt to manage change from a reactive posture: playing catch-up with market demands, or defending their organizations from internal competition for resources. Managing change reactively is hard, and not fun.

Sales organizations that anticipate change -- and manage it proactively -- promote much different environments. These organizations are able to attract and keep top sales talent, profitably grow, and remain nimble when markets, competitors, or customers shift.

This workshop explores a management framework for mapping change while building an adaptable, change-ready sales culture. Topics focus on how managers can de-mystify change while positioning their organizations for success, and include:

  • Three management approaches that build change-adaptive sales organizations
  • Aligning group energy around organizational priorities
  • Recognizing what supports and undermines change success
  • Setting clear expectations for complete change engagement
  • Planning and coaching collaborative conversations that enable change
  • Providing easily-executed individual and team change strategies

Workshop attendees receive a copy of the presenter's book.

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