Sales Force Enablement – Best Practices and Emerging Trends

17 September 2014


The term “Sales Enablement” is used for almost everything that has to do with content, training, coaching, technology and collaboration to improve sales productivity. The function is rarely a strategic and holistic discipline that translates selling challenges into integrated sales execution plans to create sustainable business impact and to drive sales force transformation.

Four key elements that are often missing have to be integrated with current concepts to evolve sales enablement to sales force enablement. Our MHI Sales Force Enablement Master Framework helps to navigate complexity easily, to define, to structure, to process and to prioritize your sales enablement efforts to create more business impact.

You will learn how to create a strategic charter for your sales enablement team in a phased approach, how to design your enablement services tailored to the customer's journey, how to set up a cross-functional collaboration framework to optimize your enablement processes and how to design meaningful change and adoption programs.

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