Sales Talent Optimization

17 September 2014


Gain a clear understanding of talent evaluation techniques, the link between competencies and sales performance, and how best to apply these principles in elevating sales training ROI.

Sales and sales ops leaders have always struggled to maximize sales team effectiveness and hire top-performing new talent. CSO Insights reports this is as true today as ever; the data show that in most sales organizations, 20% overachieve, 20% underachieve, and 60% are mired in mediocrity. Additionally, the cost to develop and train sales professionals is increasing. So how can sales leaders overcome the odds, exceed goals, and increase ROI

Sales Talent Optimization is a talent analytics-driven approach that uniquely identifies, for each organization, specific causal drivers of sales performance. Through advanced analytics, sales leaders no longer have to assume, guess or rely on subjective opinions to identify where to target sales development. Sales organizations can now statistically prove, based on analytics, which sales and leadership competencies drive business results. With this powerful insight, sales leaders can provide targeted development for each individual to accelerate and optimize business results and ROI.

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