Workshop: Balancing Sales Territories: How DocuSign Assesses, Aligns, and Optimizes Territories

14 October 2015


Faced with shifting sales territories, a growing sales force, and exploding demand, DocuSign’s sales territories were a deployment challenge of no small consequence. Using an array of supporting technologies, DocuSign’s implemented a territory management approach that optimizes sales coverage, balances workload, and tames administrative complexity. In this presentation, DocuSign’s Manager of Sales Operations Kristin Lucas reviews DocuSign's end-to-end approach. 

Incorporating tools such as, Lattice Scoring and TerrAlign, DocuSign is able to quantify addressable opportunity, support a complex segmentation approach across vertical industries and geographies, predict lead quality, and balance opportunity down to the zip code level. Automation tools also accommodate DocuSign’s lead qualification and conversation process, and integrate with their CRM platform. The result is "a go-to-market strategy with fair and balanced territories - where every account is assigned, every salesperson knows their assignments, and every opportunity is covered."

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