Keynote: Built to Scale: Creating a Consistent Value Message Across Red Hat’s Global Sales Team

26 October 2016


With 2,000+ globally-dispersed salespeople and an expanding product line, Red Hat must manage daunting communication challenges. Chief among these: making sure each seller effectively communicates Red Hat's value to customers and prospects. Doing so requires salespeople to absorb and retain critical business information essential to driving performance.

Red Hat has met the challenge by focusing on two areas: ensuring salespeople have a consistent elevator pitch? that articulates the company's approach to solving customer problems; and onboarding new salespeople with a comprehensive 90-day process combining best practices in virtual, instructor-led, peer, and manager training.

Central to their approach is the use of an innovative video-based learning platform that enables the delivery of training content, but also facilitates interactive coaching and practice. In this session, Red Hat details their approach to global training and development challenges, offering an inside look at key tools, processes, and programs that have contributed to their success.

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