Keynote Panel – Flipping the Sales Force: New Models for Sales Force Learning

17 October 2017


Bad teachers and bad salespeople share a similar defect: rather than engage with their audience, they lecture them into glazed stupor. In education, progressive teachers are rethinking that approach with a new paradigm called the “flipped classroom;” it has a lot to offer sales organizations similarly interested in improving both sales training and the effectiveness with which their sellers interact with buyers.

Flipping the classroom inverts traditional knowledge delivery – pushing lecture content online, and reserving classroom time for interactive learning activities. Flipping the sales force pushes content delivery through on-demand channels, and promotes problem-solving and engagement in face-to-face encounters. A crucial element in these ideas is the novel application of emerging technologies to learning, and to selling.

In this panel discussion, we’ll review the innovation underlying the flipped sales force concept, explore how it can help sales training efficacy, and promote more effective salesperson-customer interactions.

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