The Cost of a Bad Sales Manager (…US$3.5 million)

15 September 2016


We all recognize that sales managers play a key role in the sales force. Great managers elevate the performance of their entire team, and everybody knows it. Sellers want to work for them, other managers envy them, and senior executives want more of them. But what about poor-performing sales managers? What's the impact of managers who perform at a lower level?

New research by Vantage Point shows that the average cost of a low-performing sales manager is a whopping $3.5 million in lost revenue. Per manager. Across an entire sales force, that adds up to huge opportunity costs. How about your sales organization? How much is bad management costing you?

The GOOD news is, the research also shed light on the nature of these challenges and how to overcome them. Join us as we share the details of this research, as well as other insights from a new research project with the Sales Management Association. You will learn:

  • Why low-performing sales managers are so costly.
  • How to calculate the cost for your own organization.
  • How manager performance trickles down to sales reps.
  • Why these performance gaps exists.
  • How performance improves with focused investment.
  • Which investments in management capability have the greatest impact.

You will leave this webcast with a clear understanding of the critical areas where sales management struggles and how to bolster performance with targeted development effort.

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