Managing Remote Sales Team Productivity

8 May 2020


Remote selling has become the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as four billion people worldwide - including employees, salespeople, clients and consumers - are being forced to remain at home. Few organizations were prepared for this scale of employee dispersion. Sales productivity has suffered as newly displaced managers, salespeople, call center representatives, and customer support agents struggle to adapt to working remotely, digitally and largely untethered from the corporate information systems and networks, and face-to-face contact they rely on for the fast, transparent, and inclusive communication that is central to selling. Stephen Diorio of the Revenue Enablement institute will share the early findings from the COVID-19 Remote Sales Productivity Study to share how sales leaders are adapting to the new buying reality and the impact of remote selling on sales team productivity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this session, you will learn how the most productive sales organizations are:

Using technology to help sales reps generate more buyer engagement;

  • Getting visibility into seller activity, decision-making and account health
  • Improving communication in the absence of the face-to-face collaboration a physical space provides
  • Empowered employees “at the edge” to make quick and informed decisions better support customers
  • Coaching, measuring and motivating remotely and digitally.
  • Selling value and building trust with buyers in digital channels
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