SPM Solutions – What Do They Provide, and How Valuable Are They? 

8 May 2020


Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a fast growing technology category gaining traction in large sales organizations. Firms considering SPM platforms often find it difficult to understand the features, capabilities, and usefulness of these packages, which are sometimes marketed with vague descriptions and confusing jargon. This presentation reviews the SPM category, including its most important vendors, and offers a clear description of what these solutions actually provide. Discussion will focus on functional capabilities, shortcomings, and the specific ways SPM investments deliver return to the firms implementing them. Includes insight from over 100 SPM vendor selection projects, more than 1,000 SPM implementation projects, and recently concluded Sales Management Association research from more than 150 SPM users, including their ratings of platform effectiveness.

Session participants will gain:

  • Knowledge of SPM providers, their offerings and capabilities
  • Understanding of common challenges and pitfalls related to SPM acquisition and deployment
  • A framework for evaluating and selecting an SPM solution
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