Virtual Simulations: Resuscitate Your Sales Training, Now

7 May 2020


Instructor-led training has been given a knock-out punch -- it’s dead. Companies are trying to compensate with canned videos and lectures, but they’re boring and ineffective. Those training methods rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

How do you engage, coach, and develop your sales teams now? This session reveals solutions that enable sales leaders to understand the needs of the individual (and team), engage them in an exciting way, and deliver material they will retain and apply (with proven results). They can practice and develop in a safe, private, risk-free environment. The end result is a clear line of sight into the strengths and skill gaps of salespeople and their progress. In this workshop and demo, Selleration CEO Nick Rini discusses sim-based learning platforms that leverage technology in new ways to engage reps and resuscitate your training.

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