Managing Risk: What Sales Leaders Should Know

25 March 2021


The COVID-19 crisis demand from sales organizations new forms of leadership, and new ways of adapting sales forces in response to the pandemic. Now comes new uncertainty in preparing for post-COVID recovery. In uncertain environments, as many sales organizations have learned, success isn’t defined by how accurately we predict the future, but by how well we respond to threats in the present.

Some firms seem to have an effective, innate threat response capability. They share a common characteristic: a disciplined approach to conceptualizing and managing risk. Risk confronts organizations in many forms, and controlling risk requires a multi-faceted and systemic approach - one that enables efficient detection, assessment, response, and learning.

In this presentation General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal applies the lessons of effective risk management to sales leadership. He argues that firms unmindful of confronting risk introduce the greatest risk of all, by ignoring the vulnerabilities within their own organizations. And, he presents a model for risk management that leaders should consider in order to build their teams’ resilience, adaptability, and response capabilities.

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