Assessing the Salesforce

2 June 2010


Firms undergoing sales force transformation face many challenges, and chief among them is accurately assessing their existing sales organization. In this Sales Management Association case study webcast, we review a global telecom company’s reorganization of its sales and technical support organizations, including the ways employee assessments guided their decisions on staffing, deployment, employee development, and performance management before, during, and after the reorg. 

Included in this presentation is a review of factors precipitating the organizational transformation, the fundamental business model changes targeted, and the business case for initiating the change. Significant focus will be given to the role of Sales Capability Assessments in diagnosing organizational strengths and weaknesses, and in placing people in optimal sales, support, and service roles within the organization. Attendees to this session will learn how to leverage capability assessments in the reorganization process, as gain exposure to best practices when re-designing the sales organization.

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