Best Practices in Mobile Sales Enablement

Jul 11, 2013


Though sales organizations have invested heavily in sales productivity, many are finding returns on "sales enablement" initiatives elusive. Mobile devices are proving to be a critical component of successful enablement programs. Effectively implemented, they provide sellers with engaging content at the right place and time to move a sale forward. They can have the considerable additional benefits of reinforcing product training and coaching for salespeople, and delivering a rich and distinctive buying experience.

In this webcast, Steve Diorio of Profitable Channels offers insight into mobile sales enablement's best practices and emerging trends. He’s joined by Alex Salop, Director, Enterprise Product Marketing, Brainshark.

Topics include:

  • How mobile sales enablement solutions can help you grow revenues, improve sales effectiveness, and differentiate the client experience.
  • Three practical steps you can take to get your company ready for mobile sales.
  • Nine ways mobile devices can transform the sales process and the customer experience.

Registrants gain access to an exclusive report from Profitable Channels, How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Sales. 

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