Five Moneyball Metrics Sales Executives Can’t Ignore

14 June 2012


We're all familiar with the Moneyball story: Billy Beane, General Manager of the struggling Oakland A’s baseball team, bypassed traditional decision-making methods and used data to make smart decisions. Today, many sales executives are overlooking some key Moneyball metrics and still doing business the old-fashioned way.

Just as Billy Beane created success by evaluating players from a dramatically different perspective – like on-base percentage instead of shoe size – sales organizations are seeing a similar transformation. Driven by the availability of powerful analytics tools and robust performance data, leadership in many sales organizations is arriving at Moneyball levels of insight thanks to innovative measures of sales performance.

This Sales Management Association webcast highlights how sales organizations can jettison outdated measures, identify emerging success metrics, and successfully deliver more predictable sales.

Presented by Chris Wintermeyer, Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions for DOMO

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