Managing Unfair Competition: Sales Organizations and the Law

18 August 2014


Sales organizations thrive in competitive environments, but how should sales leadership respond when competitors take unfair advantage? This webcast reviews several common competitive scenarios faced by sales management, explains their legal context, and suggests proactive management approaches for avoiding outcomes disadvantageous to your firm.

Presented by Elarbee Thompson attorneys Richard Escoffery and Douglas Duerr, this session focuses on:

  • External Relationships – Who really “owns” the client relationships and how can you safely allow your employees to develop relationships with your customers
  • Information – How do you ensure your proprietary company and product information is kept confidential and out of the hands of your competitors
  • Internal Relationships – People are your most valuable asset. How do you retain them when their “favorite” sales manager leaves

Using real-life case studies and non-legal jargon, this session presents management with easily understandable options for anticipating risk, avoiding liability, and competing fairly.

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