Maximizing Return on Sales Headcount Investment

9 June 2011


Sales payroll is the largest component of selling expense for most firms. Realizing return from sales headcount investments involves much more than simply hiring the best available talent and turning them loose. For large sales organizations, maximizing sales headcount ROI is a multi-faceted challenge that involves several layers of management decision making.

In this Sales Management Association webcast, we examine several factors that impact sales headcount ROI. This session draws upon research from two separate research initiatives, each involving more than 200 firms. Presented by NewSigma Managing Principal Scott Barton, and Dan Caldarera, a sales operations leader with more than 20 years experience with Johnson and Johnson.


  • Key levers of sales headcount ROI
  • Optimizing sales force roles
  • Evaluating sales compensation investments and impact
  • Managing sales force capacity
  • Aligning sales territories
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