Mobile With Impact: Enable Sellers to Inspire Customers

16 September 2012


Buyers are more connected and empowered than ever before. Sirius Decisions states that “70% of selling occurs before a customer ever makes contact with a sales rep.” How do you enable your sellers to take control of the conversation and execute a successful sales cycle in this dynamic environment

Enter, the mobile device. Most companies are still in the early stages of deploying tablets, but perceived ROI is high. The sales organization is primed for efficiency gains with the use of mobility as the sellers spend most of their time in the field selling. But, a mobile strategy for the sales team is more than just putting a tablet device in the hands of your sellers.In this webinar attendees learn:

  • The latest research on mobile device usage from The Sales Management Association.
  • The value of deploying a mobile strategy to your sales organization and what sellers are using their mobile devices for.
  • How to bring your mobile strategy to the next level. Leveraging mobile applications to drive your strategic initiatives into your field organizations.
  • Enable your sellers to have anytime, anywhere access to the sale tools they need to have more meaningful conversations with the customer and drive more revenue.
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