Preparing the Sales Plan: Best Practice Approaches from High Performing Sales Forces

29 October 2014


It’s planning season for sales organizations – a whirlwind of activity that includes reviewing performance, assessing forecasts, assigning growth targets, building budgets, aligning territories, and allocating quotas. Unfortunately, many sales plans don’t produce what the sales organization most needs: insight into what changes are required to meet performance expectation, and to align with company strategy. This webcast details how the best sales plans provide insight and alignment, and offers best practice guidance on sales planning practices from leading sales organizations.

New research from Aberdeen Group shows that the leading goal among today’s sales leaders is not merely to sell more product, but to do so profitably.  This represents a significant shift from traditional sales initiatives, which focused purely on gross revenue. Join Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow and Ron Baden, Vice President of Services from Host Analytics, in this webinar to learn how the most successful Sales Operations teams leverage big data, predictive analytics, and intelligent forecasting to turn their line of business into…a real business.

Topics addressed include:

  • Eliminating inefficient planning and forecasting processes
  • Reducing planning cycle times
  • Providing an integrated view to key stakeholders, including executive leadership and Finance
  • Leveraging technology to improve planning speed and quality
  • Applying analytics to generate management insight
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