Research Update: Assessment of Sales Opportunities

1 March 2016


Join us for our latest research insights on Assessment of Sales Opportunities. This initiative investigates how accurate sales predictions are and what can be done to improve them. To best allocate resources and effort, sales management assesses opportunities in the pipeline. Bias can cause the sales force to overestimate or underestimate their pipeline potential, and we examine whether emerging technologies will control for bias in improving opportunity assessment.

In this webcast, we'll provide a preliminary look at research findings before we finalize results in a comprehensive report, and will provide commentary on the research implications and participate in audience discussion.

High-level questions addressed in the study include:

  • What forms of opportunity assessment are being implemented effectively
  • Overall how accurate are sales predictions and what can be done to improve them
  • Do sales people have a bias to overinflate or underinflate sales opportunity assessments
  • What metrics are used to develop a robust sales qualification of leads
  • What impact will emerging technologies have on opportunity assessments
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