Research Update: Hiring Top Sales Management Talent

28 January 2016


Join us for our latest research insights on hiring top sales management talent. High performing firms find attracting effective sales management talent is a critical success factor.

In this webcast, we provided a preliminary look at research findings before we finalize results in a comprehensive report. Joining us as a panelist is Timothy Sullivan, director at Sales Performance International, who will provide expert commentary on the research implications and participate in audience discussion.

Research Focus areas:

  • Identifying exacting criteria for hiring sales managers that outperform.
  • Prioritizing competencies valued for sales managers.
  • Revealing common gaps in new managers? capabilities.
  • Assessing firm bench strength in cultivating a ready pool of promotable manager candidates.
  • Identifying manager onboarding strategies, and assessing strategies for hiring outside talent versus promoting and developing from within the organization.
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