Research Update: Sales Proposal Effectiveness

Aug 16, 2013


Communicating a formal offering to prospective customers represents a pivotal sales process stage. This research initiative examines current proposal management practices in business-to-business sales organizations. Research objectives include assessing what high-performing sales organizations do differently from others during the proposal stage of their sales process; and prioritizing potential investment strategies for improving proposal effectiveness. 

Specific areas of focus for this research include:

  • Identifying current practices in proposal management
  • Determining the most important elements in effective proposals
  • Establishing respondents' most important challenges in proposal management
  • Identifying best practices among high performing firms' proposal management programs


Research findings are presented by Sales Managgement Associaztion Chairman Bob Kelly, with expert commentary from Dustin Sapp, President of TinderBox, and Brian Vail, Vice President of Marketing at Miller Heiman.

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