Retaining Salespeople with Sales Compensation

20 October 2021


With the “Great Resignation” in full swing, many organizations fear their best salespeople might soon leave for another opportunity. For those that do leave, compensation may factor heavily in their decision - but not necessarily because they believe they're earning too little. Experience shows that salesperson satisfaction with pay involves more than simply the size of the check.

In this webcast, we consider the factors most likely to shape salespeople's opinions of their compensation program. These include clarity, transparency, accuracy, and perceived fairness - factors firms often overlook or undervalue in the rush to deliver dollar amounts deemed market competitive.

Presenters address specific issues such as confusing plan design or inefficient pay administration that can send salespeople to the door even if they’re collecting a large payday. They review emerging practices employed by top firms who are finding that the compensation program changes most likely to improve salesperson retention often cost nothing. And, they present practical ideas for improving sales compensation program competitiveness in the face of a challenging labor market.

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