Secrets to Making Your Sales Methodology Stick

28 July 2016


Sales forces spend countless hours installing new sales processes and training salespeople to execute them. But despite these investments, most fail to reach adoption levels sufficient to make the new sales methodology stick.

The reality is that successful sales transformation requires both short-term and long-term steps that engage and align sales forces around the right behaviors, and deliver the tools and content needed to educate and motivate salespeople for sustainable change.

This webcast featured best practices for boosting the success of your sales transformation initiative, including:

  • How to identify gaps in your current methods of sales change management and reinforcement;
  • A 5-step model for effective sales transformation, and the links to improved financial performance,
  • The critical role of front-line managers for team modeling and coaching, and
  • Next-gen applications for measuring the adoption and application of new sales capabilities at-scale.
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