Keynote: Learn-Ablement

14 October 2015


Historically, global companies have made significant investments in sales training on an annual basis, and in many cases invested in enablement “playbooks” for daily process and methodology application. While the two activities are typically linked conceptually, they have traditionally been two separate offerings – with training for each occurring independently. 

As learning becomes less formal and more “contextual,” the investment in sales training and on-the-job execution can now become seamless.

Introducing: Learn-Ablement!

In this presentation, SPI’s Directors of Talent, Learning and Enablement will present a new approach for effective sales training that merges these previously disparate activities into a unified – and more effective way to train and enable sales professionals. As well as radically improved retention, this presentation will also discuss how talent analytics can provide insights as to where both training and enablement should be focused. The result is better focused learning, with explicit linkage to enablement technology and tools that directly impact critical behaviors.  

The impact…?  Increased productivity and improved effectiveness in sales competencies that are the most valuable to the organization.  

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