Workshop: Sales Enablement Done Right

13 October 2015


Companies want top-line growth, but typically don’t invest enough in those closest to the ground to truly affect it: Sales, the “frontline face” of your brand to your customers. Most look at equipping the sales force with the tools and assets they need to be successful as a fractional part of their overall marketing budgets.

So they default to throwing traditional methods and individual tactics – training, job tools, collateral – over the proverbial fence and pray that the frontlines will understand how to use them (or hell, actually use them at all) and integrate into their day to day. Unfortunately, most methods don’t meet the demands of today’s sales force and their discerning B2B and B2C customers.

Why do companies typically spend the least amount of time worrying about how their often-brilliant strategies will translate on the frontlines, let alone how to coach to, measure and continually improve results on the job? Why do best-laid plans often overlook connecting in the “human element” in bringing strategy to market

Humana and Weber Associates will share an end-to-end integrated approach that helped Humana translate its evolving health and wellness capabilities story into go-to-market “sweet spot” target segments and a comprehensive, interactive digital meeting system that combines strategy, messaging, insights-based selling and coaching that the frontlines had been asking for, built from their point of view on what’s needed to win in the competitive and ever-changing market place.

Topics include:

  • Why sales enablement typically fails
  • Aligning the stars between strategy, execution and results
  • Turning high-level strategy into full-blown capabilities and insights-driven messaging for “sweet spot” business targets
  • Pulling strategy through into best-in-class sales enablement by creating a digital meeting system that integrates a comprehensive interactive selling tool, positioning messages, interactive leave-behinds, on-the-job coaching and results measurement
  • How to continuously improve and sustain so it’s not “flavor of the month” but instead woven into the fabric of the business
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