Case Study: Raising Front-Line Managers’ Sales Coaching Proficiency at Dun & Bradstreet

25 October 2016


Dun & Bradstreet implemented a front-line sales leader initiative over the past year. After educating sales managers on coaching, D&B measured and tracked managers' coaching performance. This session describes the firm's experience, as shared by the initiative's catalyst, Wayne Silverman, vice president, technology market.

Wayne and sales effectiveness consultant Everett Hill will detail D&B's sales coaching strategy, coaching data, and performance results, and detail how this initiative is transforming their sales leader role. Topics covered include:

  • Why it was important for D&B to transition to a high performance coaching model
  • Introduction to D&B's four-step coaching methodology
  • What high performance coaching activities D&B implemented and why they were chosen
  • Overview of their coaching playbook
  • How D&B measures quantity AND quality of coaching
  • What data they review to measure coaching effectiveness
  • The impact of coaching on sales results
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