Panel – Taking the Babble Out of Sales Enablement

17 October 2017


Heard of “sales enablement?” It’s a term cooked up by technology vendors a decade or so ago, hoping to add sizzle to content management solutions – platforms that distribute marketing content to, and through, sales forces. Distributing content might not be the sales force’s most urgent issue to solve, but you’d never know from the seemingly limitless series of definitions (our favorite, based on sheer buzzword density), thought pieces, and white papers related to the topic. Of this, even your faithful professional association is guilty.

As a solution category, “sales enablement” solutions also have a problem that is existential and more than a little ironic: they’re marketed chiefly to CMOs, a professional class long suffering from an outsized sense of its own department’s importance vis-à-vis the sales organization, and from what it views as the sales force’s uncertain agency.

Nevertheless, many sales organizations themselves see value in sales enablement. This panel discussion separates the marketing babble from sales enablement’s practical implications for supporting sales forces, while exploring frameworks and best practices for effective content asset distribution.

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