The Missing Link in Your Coaching Initiative – The Head Coach

Jun 29, 2017

Many sales organizations recognize the tremendous value effective coaching can add to their other sales initiatives. Unfortunately, most coaching programs produce little change in the behavior of sales managers. Why is this, and what can you do to ensure your coaching initiative doesn’t suffer a similar fate? Join us for this informative session where we will help you unlock the key to maximizing the impact of your coaching programs by providing specific strategies and tactics to help your sales leaders play the critical role of head coach. In any performance organization, an effective head coach is essential to helping other coaches stay on task, develop their people and drive performance. During this session, you will learn:
  • Which metrics head coaches (senior sales leaders) for sales teams should review when evaluating their assistant coaches (front-line sales managers)
  • What behaviors head coaches should inspect and with what frequency, to ensure assistant coaches are as effective as possible
  • How to intervene when assistant coaches are struggling in order to help them get back on track
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