Translating Sales Objectives into Territory-Level Priorities

6 April 2023


Each year, salespeople receive performance objectives that quantity "how much" they're expected to sell. What's often missing is guidance on "how" they'll make their number. Choosing how, where, and with whom to focus selling effort are decisions that define a salesperson's or sales team's success, but rarely are well supported with data, decision tools, or management guidance. However, leading sales organizations are finding innovative ways to close this gap, often using inexpensive or on-hand technology solutions.

In this web panel, we roundup a set of practices that help salespeople (and others in the sales organization) make tactical decisions that optimize performance. Topics include:

  • Reporting approaches effective in surfacing growth priorities
  • Strategy communication frameworks that speed tactical planning
  • Benchmarking tools effective in prioritizing available opportunities
  • Distributed modeling tools that help project outcome based on activity
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