Using Sales Data and Analytics: Insights for Leadership

Aug 22, 2013


Sales Performance Management (SPM) combines disparate information sources into essential intelligence for sales leaders. This webcast describes how sales organization can identify new profit sources and enable growth strategies through SPM. By integrating data from product, marketing, finance, and HR, SPM’s analytics yield insights previously unavailable to management. Examples include:


  • Product & Marketing: SPM solutions can tell us what is forecasted to sell, what actually sold, to which customers, in which geographies, by which sales channels. Real-time insight that can be used to improve product marketing, sales and demand planning.
  • Sales Economics: Evaluate at a more granular level the impact of sales across channels or individuals by tying profitability to attainment and incentive payouts. Did the incentives paid align to the resulting bottom line impact to our company?
  • Human Performance: Better understand characteristics of top performing sales leaders and individuals. Use insight to adjust incentives and implement programs to get faster results from new hires and improve results from lower-performing reps.
  • Customer Insight: Better understand sales activity and performance at the customer level. Learn about the customer share and penetration, predict when to act on product refresh cycles, or how effectively sales are opening doors at new customers to drive market share.



  • Raj Mistry, Worldwide Services Sales Leader, Cognos SPM at IBM
  • Hassan Mahmood, Partner, Compensation Analytics
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