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Join us for an update on our recently concluded research on sales coaching practices in sales organizations. This webcast offers a first look at research findings, focused on identifying how organizations define sales coaching, and what activities and outcomes they assign to coaching initiatives. The research also quantifies the prevalence...Read more
Our research shows that sales managers consider forecasting important, and that it consumes lots of the sales force’s time. But most managers consider forecasting efforts fraught with bias, and therefore unreliable; and not surprisingly, most are unsatisfied with forecasting accuracy. A dispassionate observer might reasonably ask: If forecasting is both...Read more
Disappointed by your sales process? New research reveals why. Companies need to stop subscribing to the hype that there’s only one way to sell. Top performers are not challenging, consultative, transactional, or relationship sellers — They are ‘situational’ sellers who adapt their sales approach to different buying situations. In fact,...Read more
Emory University Goizueta Business School Executive Education Course Align Your Sales in a Multichannel World To be effective, sales organizations must be aligned with company strategy and market demands. This course transforms how and to whom you sell your products or services, aligning your sales strategy to be most effective...Read more
The emergence of vast amounts of data from multiple sources, generating new information every second, has empowered buyers more than ever before. This is causing a paradigm shift in sales from being reactive to proactive, and from instinct-driven to insight and data-driven. To exceed skyrocketing expectations of its customers, modern...Read more
Sales technology is a growing and increasingly strategic investment for sales forces. Quantifying technology’s business impact is a challenge for organizations evaluating potential investments, or assessing installed platforms. This session draws upon recent Sales Management Association research on technology ROI calculation practices, and their prioritized importance, accuracy, and prevalence of...Read more

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