A Modest Proposal (with free T-shirt!)

Sales Proposal Research InfographicLast year TinderBox, Miller Heiman, and the Sales Management Association conducted research on sales proposal effectiveness. Drawing on input from 76 participating business-to-business sales organizations, findings show that proposal effectiveness correlates closely with sales growth, but that several facets of proposal management remain under-optimized. These incl ...


Consider singing a song at your next sales call!

Close your eyes and think about one of the following songs: Michael Jackson’s ABC, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, or Neal Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. Can you hear the beat in your head? Do remember the chorus? How about the lyrics? Does it evoke a certain emotion?Music is amazing in the way it stays in our head. A person’s musical recall is phenomenal. We do not know what we ate ...

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Sales Dashboards - New Research and Free Toolkit

Sales Dashboarding ToolkitWhat makes a great sales dashboard? It’s more than just clever visual design or the latest technology. In fact, sales reporting standards are evolving quickly with innovations in data accessibility, technology, and analytics. We’re hoping to capture a few new insights into business-to-business sales organizations’ reporting practices through our latest research ...


Our First Google Hangout! (We'll Pass On Seconds.)

Several weeks ago we held our first Google Hangout – a discussion on Sales Leadership’s Social Strategy. The discussion featured Richardson’s CEO David DiStefano and Gerry Moran, SAP’s Head of Social Media, North America. We’d hoped also to include a speaker from InsideView, who couldn’t join because of technical issues (more on that shortly). We’ve ...


Killer Kick-Offs

Killer KickoffsIt’s sales kickoff meeting season, the time when companies reveal strategy and marching orders to their sales forces. Kickoff meetings set the tone for the entire year, so there’s a lot riding on getting them right. To help you out, we’ve put together a toolkit with some sales kickoff meeting-related content. Grab the first at t ...


Managing Sales in Emerging Markets: Help Us Influence Upcoming Research

Emerging MarketsLater this winter I’ll present with several leading marketing academics on the topic “Personal Selling and Sales Management in Emerging Markets: A Research Agenda” at the 2014 American Marketing Association’s Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference. I’m looking for perspective on which aspects of this is ...


Breaking the Sales Coaching Dilemma – Four keys to jumpstart your coaching efforts and overcome sales leaders’ greatest blindspot

A recent study of more than 800 front line sales reps and sales leaders highlights a disturbing trend in sales management. While organizations are making ever greater investment in technologies and operational processes to improve performance, sales reps are citing Training and Development as being one of their greatest challenges to improving performance. Figure 1 Source: AA-ISP 2013 Leadership ...


Sales Operations: It’s Shark Week

sharknadoIt must seem like Shark Week for sales operations departments, who use this time of year to plan next year’s territory assignments, quotas, and compensation plan changes. Like Shark Week, planning season for sales ops seems a lot longer than advertised. And, like Shark Week, quota planning season often ends badly – but particularly badly ...


Mobile Device Field Enablement: Five Keys to Designing An Effective Strategy and Getting Result

Guest blogger Mark Ippolito from sales and marketing consultancy Lenati contributed this post. With the powerful capabilities of mobile devices to integrate location data, seller activity, real-time transactions and much more, sales managers in leading organizations are leveraging these capabilities to drive exponential performance gains among their sales teams. Looking to identify best practices in this rapidly emerging field, our firm researched more than 31 mobile device scenar ...


Call For Presentations! 2013 Sales Force Productivity Conference

http://www.salesmanagementconference.comSales Management Association's third annual Sales Force Productivity Conference is 7-9 October 2013 at The Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead. We’re accepting presentation proposals now. Have an idea for a workshop, presentation, or panel topic? Let us know! Presentations will focus on these core topics: Innovations, Trends, and Best Practice Sal ...


Got CRM? Check. Now What?

Jason Jordan is Vice President and Partner at Vantage Point Performance, and the author of Cracking the Sales Management Code, and contributed this guest post. I was recently speaking at the American Society for Training and Development’s international conference, and I happened into a conversation that yielded a very interesting quote. The quote was from a corporate trainer who was commenting on the high number of technology vendors at the conference. She said, “Seeing all t ...


Free Mobile Sales Enablement Toolkit!

“Mobile Sales Enablement” is emerging as an important topic for our audience, judging by the response to several recentwebcasts. Mutual Mobile's Sam Gaddis and Mike Nowlin's presentation “Mobile Sales Enablement: What Sales Operations Needs to Know” offered a succinct business case and a summary of benefits for mobile enablement initiatives &nd ...


Two Expert Views on Sales Manager Effectiveness

Our recent webcast Building a Winning Sales Management Team: The Force Behind the Force, featured two perspectives on first line sales manager effectiveness. ZS Associates, whose intellectual Godfathers Sinha and Zoltners recently published an eponymous book on this topic, have much to say about sales effectiveness generally, and have focused on sales manager effecti ...


What We Talk About When We Talk About Sales Enablement

Marketers and technologists may be slow to admit this, but great conversations are important to B2B selling. Not in the euphemistic, marketing-speak context of a blog post’s comment thread, or an invitation to “join the conversation” by filling out a web-enabled registration form. We’re talking about honest-to-God conversations, where humans in the same room watch ea ...


Is Your Sales Force Hot or Not?

Hot or Not? Each quarter the Sales Management Association publishes a scholarly research article from The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, the most important academic journal wholly focused in sales. In the future, we plan on featuring these articles – and other academic research work – with content that “translates” research findings in a fashion more ...