Who Knew? Sales Comp Wonk Now a Coaching Legend

3 April 2011


Brad Stevens is the head men’s basketball coach at Butler University, and is already a coaching legend at age 34. His team competes tonight for the NCAA title for the second year in a row. Who knew he was a former Eli Lilly sales comp wonk? The NY Times weekend profile of Stevens described his responsibilities in a short-lived post graduate corporate career:

Stevens’s responsibilities at Eli Lilly included distilling information from sales to help determine compensation for pharmaceutical representatives…

We’d like to officially declare ourselves Butler fans. 

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Bob Kelly

Brad Stevens, Head Basketball Coach of Butler University is a very inspiring story. At age 34 he brought Butler to its second Final Four in a row. This after being an “up and comer” in the consulting branch of Eli Lilly. Stevens has always found himself being successful. He was a market associate before he was 25 years of age and spoke before about 400 of his coworkers about instilling from sales and compensation. Stevens is a great inspiration of how you follow your dream and use where you are as a platform to get where you want to be.

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