Salesperson Hiring and Selection


This module is the first of four modules on recruiting, selecting, and hiring salespeople.It presents selection frameworks and hiring best practices for firms interested in improving their effectiveness in these areas.

Learners who complete the first module are asked to indicate their interest in subsequent modules; these will be available later in 2024.


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Course Format

This course module includes one video of about 12 minutes, and a module transcript. This is an on-demand, self paced short course.

Course Fees and Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Course fees are based on SMA membership level.

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Course Presenter Professor Ryan Mullins

Ryan Mullins is Associate Professor in Marketing at the Wilber O. and Ann Powers College of Business at Clemson University, and the executive director of the Sales Innovation Program there. Professor Mullins’ research focuses on the role of sales force management and marketing strategy in improving firm, team, and individual performance. His work has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Service Research, Industrial Marketing Management, and the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. Ryan is also the co-author of the academic textbook, Professional Selling, used in sales programs taught across the country.

Ryan’s research excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including the AMA Sales SIG Sales Excellence in Research Award in 2015, the 2017 James M. Comer Award for Best Contribution to Sales Management Theory, and the 2018 SEF/Neil Rackham Research Grant Award. Seven of his research articles appear in the Financial Times Top 50 business journals in the world.

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