Cold Outreach is Dead. Long Live Cold Outreach.

August 13, 2024 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern US Time | Open session | Webcast

Cold outreach – the sales force’s efforts to attract new prospects through proactive calling and messaging – has never been easy, but a growing number of pundits now say cold outreach is dead. They are quick to point out that email platforms, including Google and Microsoft, are implementing more stringent standards on bulk email senders, and reaching prospects by phone has never been more difficult. On the other hand, some sectors are making productive use of cold outreach approaches, despite the mounting challenges. What sets their efforts apart from firms who are striking out when trying to reach new prospects?

In this webcast we consider two schools of thought on the state of cold outreach. On the one hand are cold outreach Cassandras, who predict sales forces will be forced to abandon cold outreach. On the other, cold outreach hype squanders who contend targeted outreach strategies are more effective than ever. We examine the claims of both groups in detail to sort out the evolving state of cold outreach.

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