Sales Strategies for Conquering the Competition

5 April 2012


Increased competition is among the toughest challenges facing sales organizations today. As pricing pressure mounts and customer budgets shrink, sales leaders must bring a new level of innovation to their efforts to beat the competition.

In this webinar, AchieveGlobal’s Greg McDonald and Colleen O’Sullivan illustrate how best-in-class companies practice a strategic process in competitive situations to close more deals and drive revenue growth. Together they will share AchieveGlobal’s research on the competitive landscape – examining proven approaches to help salespeople succeed in the face of rising pressures against competition.

Topics include:

  • How the economy has altered the competitive landscape
  • What to do to leverage this landscape in order to beat an incumbent
  • Implementing a simple two-step process to overcome the challenges of competition: “assess and apply”
  • Applying resources to learn more about your customers and competitors
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