Keeping Track of Territories

25 March 2021


Tracking sales territory changes are difficult in normal circumstances. Managing such changes may get much more difficult in the coming months, as sales organizations re-deploy field salespeople post quarantine. In this session, we consider a set of administrative best practices for sales organizations managing multiple territories, and how to anticipate and address new challenges to effectively managing territories in 2021.

Topics addressed include

  • What sort of system of record is best for maintaining sales territories?
  • What territory related changes are common, and how might these be made more difficult in 2021? Examples might include accommodating salesperson turnover or extended absence, shifting customer preferences for in-person sales meetings, business closures or relocations, and sudden shifts in customer volume or potential.
  • Teaming inside and field sales in common customers and markets.
  • Adapting performance measures and coverage expectations.
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