Can AI Transform Sales Performance Management?

18 June 2019


Technology has already reshaped how companies manage sales forces. Now many experts predict that artificial intelligence (AI) will deliver transformational improvements in decision making quality, conferring to those firms who effectively apply AI significant advantages over their peers. This webcast examines what AI realistically means for sales performance management (SPM), and how companies are approaching data-driven sales strategies.

SPM describes the cluster of management decisions that govern sales force deployment, objective setting, performance measurement, and incentives. SPM (and its eponymous software category) emerged more than a decade ago, alongside CRM and other new technology platforms, to provide a structured approach to managing, measuring, and incentivizing the sales force to achieve optimum performance.

Now SPM is poised for a makeover from the latest wave of innovation, including quickly-evolving techniques for processing very large data sets. This change promises a second, even more substantial set of gains to sales managers, providing new capabilities for retaining talent, improving sales execution, and adapting quickly to changes in the market. In this webcast we examine these emerging developments, and offer perspective on how (and how soon) they will impact the sales force.

Topics include:

  • How AI will reshape sales performance management
  • Potential competitive advantages that will accrue to firms adopting new SPM approaches
  • Case examples of the impact of the convergence of AI and SPM
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