Case Study: Sales Pipeline Management

30 April 2010


SMA's Sales Operations Advisory Board recently identified a list of issues critical to sales operations. Near the top of their list: improving forecasting accuracy and pipeline management effectiveness. In this Sales Management Association Case Study Webcast, Sales Operations Advisory Board member Kate Laneve, Director of Sales Operations at NCR, shares her own list of pipeline management best practices based in part on what's been successful within NCR. Includes discussion on essential pipeline metrics, implementing improvement initiatives across a large sales organization, and optimizing information delivery.

A global technology and services company, NCR considers continuous pipeline improvement a core sales management skill. In this and future Sales Management Association webcasts, we'll continue to address this and other top issues identified by the Board. Among the topics covered are:

  • Three essential metrics for assessing pipeline management effectiveness within the sales management corps 
  • Implementing improvement initiatives across a large sales organization: key learnings and pitfalls to avoid 
  • Information delivery: getting the right information to the right people at the right time
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