Foundations of Sales Coaching Program Success

3 August 2023


Our research shows that coaching is rarely emphasized in sales organizations, and most aren't very good at it. But it’s often considered important – by salespeople, organizations, and managers themselves – who overwhelmingly say coaching matters to the sales force’s success.* They're not wrong. Our research also shows that sales forces effective in coaching salespeople outperform their peers, enjoying current-year productivity improvement of 9% compared to firms ineffective in coaching.

The first installment of a multipart webcast series, this session focuses on fundamental aspects of successful sales coaching programs. These elements are often missing or underdeveloped when coaching programs underperform.

Topics include:

  • Adopting a firm-wide definition of sales coaching
  • Setting expectations for coaching's impact
  • Connection coaching with sales culture
  • Prerequisites to implementing a sales coaching program

Subsequent sessions in this series address implementing, assessing, and maximizing coaching programs. View these sessions here:

*Sales coaching ranks as the single most important manager activity impacting performance in our study of 205 firms directly employing 590,000 salespeople.

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