High Touch without a Hard Sell: How iPads are Transforming Sales Meetings

13 December 2012


Tablets are transforming face-to-face selling. More engaging than laptops, and easier to share than mobile phones, tablets are proving useful at overcoming the physical barrier between buyer and seller, making sales meetings more interactive and content-rich.

In this webcast we illustrate how sales organizations are using tablets to reimagine sales meetings, while increasing customer engagement and salesperson productivity.


  • The latest research on tablet PC adoption from the Sales Management Association research with ideas for optimizing iPads’ sales impact and sales management’s priorities.
  • How one organization is reshaping the sales call using iPads and centrally managing mobile content.
  • How management can more effectively control and monitor messaging in the field and measure engagement.
  • How Cloud Storage providers like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and others are improving the lives of mobile salesforce.
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