Pipeline Anxiety: Size Matters, Right?

16 February 2012


Your pipeline is big – really big. So big, you seem to mention it every chance you get: sales meetings, board meetings, customer presentations, cocktail parties, plant tours. In fact, you have a hard time shutting up about your big pipeline. And who can blame you? If given a choice, any sales organization would choose a big pipeline. Right

Not exactly. The most productive sales forces know that emphasizing pipeline size can actually diminish sales performance. New research conducted by Vantage Point Performance reveals the true measure of pipeline quality. Vantage Point Performance’s Jason Jordan details these compelling findings in this SMA-hosted webcast.

Topics covered include:

  • How traditional measures of pipeline size obscure critical sales performance issues
  • An innovative formula for determining the perfect pipeline size
  • New measures of true pipeline health
  • Actionable strategies for improving pipeline management
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