Research Update: Refocusing Sales Operations

11 November 2016


Sales operations functions serve a vital, strategic role in sales organizations, frequently engineering large scale change initiatives in sales coverage models, or comprehensive incentive plan revisions, or launching new offerings. Along the way, they must also respond to the sales organization's day-to-day tactical support requirements--like reporting, territory alignment, or compensation administration. This mix of strategic and tactical responsibilities represents a considerable challenge to sales operations departments. This research is focused on identifying emerging practices in sales operations that address this central challenge.

Focus areas for this research include:

  • Identifying how sales operations function drive efficiency in core responsibilities like reporting.
  • Measure the ideal and actual focus on strategic issues by sales operations departments.
  • Cataloging emerging and innovative practices contributing to sales operations' success in balancing tactical and strategic responsibilities.
  • Sales operations staffing approaches.
  • Structuring sales operations for maximum agility.
  • Planning process that help optimize sales ops' effectiveness.
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