Research Update: Sales Planning Practices

5 February 2016


Join us for our latest research insights on Sales Planning Practices. Sales planning allows sales organizations to align with business strategy, organize resources, and prioritize action plans. Planning required of sales management encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from forecasting and budgeting to establishing objectives at multiple organizational levels.

This research investigates existing planning practices in business-to-business sales organizations, identifies emerging trends, and prioritizes management's planning priorities. It focuses primarily on sales team and organization-wide planning efforts (rather than call, opportunity, or customer-level planning).

In this webcast, we'll provide a preliminary look at research findings before we finalize results in a comprehensive report, and will provide commentary on the research implications including participating in audience discussion.

High-level questions addressed in this study include:

  • Determining sales operations leadership's most important planning priorities
  • Surveying how sales planning is conducted by sales organizations
  • Establishing common planning responsibilities assigned to sales leaders at various organizational levels
  • Quantifying planning process efficiency, and common planning process gaps
  • Identifying emerging trends in planning support, including the use of enabling technology
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