Sales Operations Competencies

17 July 2018


Sales Management Association’s research on sales operations competencies focuses on skillsets and abilities important to sales operations, sales enablement, and other sales force effectiveness functions. It prioritizes competencies considered most critical by management, and suggests which competencies will be of growing future importance. Organizational staffing and recruitment practices are also examined as they apply to sales ops.

Specific questions addressed in the research include:

  • What professional skills and competencies are most valued by sales ops
  • Which competencies are under-represented in sales ops departments
  • What competencies are emerging as most vital for future sales ops organizations
  • How, and from what sources, do sales ops functions fill key positions, and how these staffing approaches are likely to change in the future

Resources available on this research

Research Brief

Core findings and selected exhibits.

Research First Look

Listen as we discuss our first look at recently concluded research. This webcast features initial research findings, expert commentary, and an interactive Q&A session with attendees.

Companion Exhibits

A comprehensive set of charts, tables, and exhibits from our research data, presented in PowerPoint slide format.

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