Scaling Account-Based Selling

27 February 2017


Sales organizations have always invested in their most important customers, by providing customized solutions, dedicated personnel, and other resources. More recently, firms are adopting these high-touch approaches to broader customer segments, using enabling technology and anemerging discipline known as “Account-Based Marketing (ABM)”.

Account-Based Selling (ABS) describes how sales forces execute ABM’s fundamental concepts. This webcast describes how business-to-business firms leverage data, content, technology and people toscale account-based selling approaches. The session includes actionable best practices for:

  • Leveraging existing customer insights toidentify high value opportunities
  • Structure marketing content to support specific selling conversations, solution selling, and buyer concerns
  • Use existing technology infrastructure to simplify, streamline, and automate ABS workflow
  • Employ playbooks that address specific selling situations
  • Facilitate collaboration and accountability across product, marketing and sales organizations
  • Optimize selling methods, account strategies,and customer coverage models
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