Adapting the Sales Force For Success: A Leadership Call to Action

18 October 2011


Across the globe, sales organizations are adapting to new sales and marketing rules. Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and increasingly high expectations; companies must therefore redefine their sales and marketing practices to bring the right people, information, and resources to the right deals, at just the right time. In this keynote presentation from SMA's 2011 Conference, Keith Hontz, Vice President, Sales - Line of Business Solutions - East Region, SAP America, Inc. discusses how SAP has evolved its offerings and own go-to-market approach to manage this dramatic shift.

SAP's challenges include addressing the distinct needs of Line of Business and IT buyers within customer organizations, while coordinating messaging across a diverse ecosystem of suppliers, partners, customers, and employees. Additionally, the speed, complexity, and distributed nature of SAP's selling environment means that their sales organization must have real-time analytics, accessible on mobile platforms. For SAP, addressing these issues is important not only to their own sales organization, but to the thousands of global customers who rely on SAP to solve similar challenges.

Hontz details how SAP's management is adapting its own organization, while discussing the broader impact of macro forces on sales management, including the demands for real-time analytics, mobility, social media participation, transparency, and management visibility.

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