The Art and Science of Proposal Content Management

29 June 2016


In any given year, a proposal manager can be responsible for impacting tens to hundreds of millions in business via sales proposals. But what makes a good proposal? What does great look like? RFP responses and unsolicited sales proposals are critical elements in driving business, yet often are considered administrative or even an afterthought. Your content is the central nervous system to assembling these critical documents, and what successful organizations understand is that there is both and art and a science to proposal content management.

There is an art to writing the content - the persuasive terms used, the structure of the sentence or paragraph to ensure your point comes across to the reader. As well as there is an art with which graphics are incorporated to accurately reflect a statement or key point. But there is also a science to the process -- proven methodologies that determine which structure is most successful, as well as how assembly workflows can dramatically impact both productivity and quality.

Join Qvidian and SMA for this archived webinar, where we'll dive deeper into both the art and science and explore why these two work harmoniously to produce a winning sales proposal.

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