Updating Sales Manager Skills in the Age of Analytics

7 March 2023


Analytics inform a growing number of management decisions, but not all managers are well equipped to lead in the age of analytics. It's a competency gap acutely felt in the sales organization, a firm function typically slower than others in adopting analytics-based management. However, this is changing quickly in high-performing firms, where sales analytics is an emerging competency, and a defining characteristic of the sales force's most talented leaders.

How do sales managers develop analytical competency, and what management development investments are available to firms focused in establishing an analytics-driven sales force? In this webcast, University of Houston's Johannes Habel describes the core characteristics of analytics-driven sales managers, while unpacking the skills and knowledge essential to gaining managerial competency in sales analytics. He will borrow from his masters-level Sales Analytics course, currently taught in U. of H.'s Bauer College of Business' Masters in Sales Management program, the world's leading graduate degree program for sales leaders.

Topics covered include:

  • New approaches to sales analytics
  • Sales management's new analytics-driven role
  • Skills and knowledge required for competency in sales analytics
  • Organizational priorities for the analytics-driven sales force
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